What Invigorates You?

reinvigorate your lifeWhen’s the last time that you felt full of life?

How many days, weeks, months have passed since you last felt invigorated?

You don’t have to wait or hope or wish that you could recreate that feeling of excitement about getting up every morning and starting your day. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to re-invigorate your life, as long as you are willing to get self-aware and commit to showing up for yourself. In fact, it’s actually fairly simple. Here’s one way…

1) Create your own personalized list of the experiences that leave you feeling invigorated, inspired, energized, fulfilled and happy. They can be small or large (a mix is usually the best).

2) Challenge yourself to list at least 8 activities, experiences or actions.

3) Write down the approximate amount of time that each will take you to do. Some won’t take much time at all and others might take more time or money. Again, aim to mix up your list with a variety.

4) Choose 2 from your list. Block out time in your calendar for those 2 things over the next week and hold that time as sacred. Show up for yourself and do your activities. If you find this difficult, find an accountability partner and have them help you to stick to your plan.

5) Repeat for 4 weeks.

6) After each activity, consider journaling about what you are feeling. By noticing all the sensations in your body, as well as your thoughts and emotions, you get a richer experience of your life. At the end of the month, reflect on what has changed for you, again in a whole-body reflection.

We connect more deeply to ourselves and our lives when we integrate the whole body into our experience.

Some of my favorite invigorating activities include:

  • Taking a walk in the park.
  • Sitting in my bliss for one minute following my meditation practice.
  • Cooking a delicious, healthy meal.
  • Doodling with water color pens.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Connecting with good friends over a good meal.
  • Taking yoga classes of all kinds.
  • Traveling to foreign place or beautiful places (or both!).
  • Surprising someone I care about with a gift for no reason.
  • Drinking hot ginger tea.
  • Speaking Spanish.
  • A small act of kindness for a stranger.
  • A nap on a weekend afternoon.

What are you waiting for…? Even writing the list can be invigorating!


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