The alarm goes off.
You wake up the same way you do every day,
hoping that today is the day you will feel different.

There is a flicker of hope…

that maybe today will be the day that you feel excited to get out of bed. Today may be the day that you stop feeling stuck in your story, stuck in your body and stuck in your life.

Maybe today will be different. But it never is.

Each day is a reminder that you aren’t really living the life you dreamed of living. You go through the motions, but you don’t feel alive. You’re stressed about money, work, a loveless relationship, or a past experience that’s blocking you from the massive growth you so desperately want and need. You feel disconnected from your mind, your body and your heart.

While you ponder the “what ifs” and the “if onlys” you feel time slipping away, and you longingly watch your dreams move further and further away from you.

Where does this leave you?

You isolate yourself. Your relationships aren’t thriving. It’s hard for you to experience joy, even when you’re doing things you like to do. You feel fearful and life feels out of control. Although some days are better than others, you feel numb inside at best.  You know that there’s more to life, but you’ve been trapped in this fog for so long it’s hard to see clearly. You feel stuck.

The thing about being stuck is:
you can’t think your way out of it!

You know this, because you’ve tried, and it’s failed over and over. (Unfortunately, it usually will).

Because being stuck is never really about your mind, it’s about your body. “Stuck-ness” lodges in every nook and cranny, every muscle and joint, every physiological system.

Getting unstuck, then, is never just about your what happens in your head. You can’t train your brain out of it, you need to “move” through it. Until you take an “embodied” “bodywise” approach, nearly every other attempt to get unstuck, to grow, to succeed with be severely limited.

The good news is: you can clean the slate, start fresh.

While there is no magic potion, imagine that one day you wake up and you actually DO feel different.

Imagine… the alarm sounds, and instead of feeling stress, dread and emptiness, you wake up feeling a sense of peace, self-acceptance and freedom in your mind and your body. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or numbed out, you feel lit up by your life – your relationships, your work.  There’s ease and flow in your days.

Imagine trusting yourself fully. Your whole self. Imagine knowing what you want and how to get it. Envision the fog lifting and having the clarity and courage to step into your life from a place of truth and authentic action.

You feel alive again.

No matter where you’re coming from, no matter what you’re moving through, you absolutely can rediscover that sense of deep vibrancy.

You can not only find, but walk through the door
to the life you so deeply yearn for, yet thought had been forever nailed shut.

How do I know? Because…

I’ve done it myself. As a clinically-trained therapist and creator of MindBodyWise™ therapy, I’ve helped countless others do it, too. People just like you, who thought it just wasn’t possible.

Living with a new kind of awareness, peace and freedom in your mind and body – you’ll be able to create and attract the relationships you want. Design life you want. You’ll have the energy, focus and clarity back so you can do it your way. The emotional challenges that kept you from living the way you wished you could, will no longer stop you.

The only way to unlock and release what is stored
in your body is through your body…

Makes sense, right? As a therapist who specializes in trauma, eating disorders, anxiety and depression (as well as working with people who feel generally stuck in their lives), I know and science has proven that painful experiences, emotions and memories get stuck in your body. The only way to fully release these experiences and heal at the deepest level is to access both your mind and your body, tune into yourself in new and profound ways, and be supported like never before throughout the entire process. There is always an opportunity for renewal and transformation – I have witnessed it time and again.

Your body becomes your sanctuary of guidance,
creativity, freedom and strength.


1:1 Private Sessions

MindBodyWise™ private sessions are experiential in nature and are best described as receiving a psychotherapy session for your entire body. Each session includes elements of breath, movement, and verbal communication.

Sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific needs, making it nearly impossible to outline precisely what we will do or what you will experience. The beauty of this highly personalized experience is that no two sessions are ever identical, thus you gain new insights and awareness in each and every session. You will also get an opportunity to create personalized and practical action steps to take into your life, so as to make integral changes in your day-to-day life. Throughout each session you are provided guidance, support and a space of compassion to explore your body, your mind, your heart and your life in safe and gentle ways.

1:1 In-person Sessions: In a MindBodyWise™ in-person private session, you are welcomed into a quiet and peaceful environment that immediately takes you away from the chaos of your everyday challenges.  You are offered the option of touch or no-touch for each session you do.


MindBodyWise™ Groups

Looking for a total mind-body reset? Do you crave more confidence, calm and clarity in your life? Imagine feeling more at home inside yourself and accessing ease in your body, mind and life.

Imagine having tools to help you read and interpret your body’s signals so you can live from and step into your own truth every day.

MindBodyWise™ groups are designed to teach you how to tap into your unique mind-body connection and then use this to better navigate your life. Using specialized embodied movement, mindful guided meditation, discussion and experiential home practice, you are supported with creating flow in all parts of your life.

MindBodyWise™ groups offer the opportunity to:

  • Experience embodied movement through a different life theme each week
  • Access and learn to understand your body’s wisdom
  • Embrace your body as a critical ally for personal change
  • Have an opportunity for reflection and dialogue
  • Set goals that institute long-term and profound change in your everyday life

Why work with MindBodyWise™?

Physical injuries affect you emotionally.  Emotional injuries, affect you physically. MindBodyWise™ supports you with healing both.

MindBodyWise™ Therapy integrates mindfulness, guided meditation, movement and verbal processing to provide you with a sense of freedom, connection and control over your body so that you feel safe being in it. By learning to hear and heed the wisdom of your whole self with the support of a compassionate witness, you will be able to:

  • unlock and release painful memories
  • learn how to overcome a panic attack
  • decrease stress, anxiety and depression
  • deal with post-traumatic stress
  • how to heal from emotional abuse and ptsd
  • feel safe and “at home” in your body
  • manage and minimize difficult feelings
  • increase self-awareness
  • release emotional and physical pain
  • increase confidence, ease and self-acceptance
  • lead a more fulfilling life
  • you want to work with a therapeutically trained specialist

Are you ready to unlock and walk through the door to the life you so deeply yearn for?

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After years of working with people as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor, and now as a MindBodyWise™ Therapist, my philosophy is simple: what you seek is already within you. In the busy life you lead, it’s sometimes difficult to stop, listen and access the knowledge that resides deep inside. Using a whole-body, client-centered approach, I support you with listening to your own internal wisdom, assist you with connecting to your core self again. You get an opportunity to regain connection and control over your body, mind and life. This leads to you feeling more empowered in taking steps toward achieving happiness.

MindBodyWise™ Therapy – Methodology: While traditional approaches to relieving anxiety,  treating depression and the effects of trauma can work over time, they omit a huge piece of puzzle – namely your body! Working with both the mind and the body is the quickest, most effective and most profound avenue toward deep healing.

In traditional therapies, you are asked to put words to something that has no words. So much of your pain is stored in your body. The painful memories are locked in places that language doesn’t go. How then, are you to heal through only the use of your mind? Make any sense? Of course not. Here’s what does make sense…

MindBodyWise™ Therapy is effective because:

  • It accesses all of you: your body and your mind are the keys to unlocking long-lasting, profound change.
  • No one-size-fits-all formulas: sessions are tailored to your unique needs.
  • Change begins immediately: new awareness and healing begins immediately in the first session.
  • Issues are accessed in the tissues: movement and mindfulness together, with the support of a trained professional, allows you to access the deepest parts of yourself.
  • Specialized support: sessions are led by a trained, licensed mental health counselor who specializes in trauma, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.
  • Real-Life Change: Each session offers you the opportunity to take your new awareness into your life with a practical action step so that your internal experience incites change in between sessions.
  • Multiple platforms: you have the option of receiving this work in 3 different ways: privately (in person), virtually (via phone, Skype or FaceTime), and/or in a group.

MindBodyWise™ Therapy IS for you if…

  • You’re ready to feel safe your body and in your life
  • You’re seeking relief from anxiety and depression
  • You want to alleviate pain, both physical and emotional
  • You desire more calm, self-acceptance and ease in your life
  • You want to learn more about yourself
  • You desire change, but you aren’t sure where to begin
  • You’d like more clarity and the ability to make better life decisions
  • You crave leading a more fulfilling life
  • You’re open to a holistic approach that is grounded in science and tailored specifically to you

MindBodyWise™ Therapy is NOT for you if…

  • You have recently been hospitalized for psychiatric issues
  • You are on new psychiatric medication that has not yet stabilized in your system
  • You are not interested in using the mind-body connection as means toward awareness and healing

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