Revisiting your Year

Reflecting Back…
Looking Ahead…
Living in the Present…

As 2014 comes to a close, we are given a great opportunity to reflect, rewind, recall, revisit, relive, and then ultimately reinvent. This process can be exciting, sad, joyful, frustrating, scary and more. As human beings, we often experience many conflicting feelings all at one time, which can be confusing and de-centering. However, it is part of what makes us uniquely human. It’s also a great opportunity to ground ourselves in our present moment experience.

In order to grow and evolve,
we must learn to compassionately
connect to who we have been,
to be present who we are right now,
and to consciously create
who we are becoming.

Here is a simple exercise to support you with connecting with your past, creating for your future, and setting a present moment intention for the year ahead.

1) Reflecting Back: Take a comfortable seat with your eyes closed. Envision New Year’s Day 2014 (last year). Where were you? What were you doing? What was your life like? Bring that day to life in as much detail as possible. Then, ask yourself “What are the most significant experiences (and people) that stand out since that day?” Notice what and who shows up – it might not be what/who you expect. See if you can let it flow, without changing what you see, blocking what you experience or judging yourself. There may be a mix of both “happy” memories/events and not-so-happy ones. It’s all ok. Notice what feelings arise as you scan your 2014. Open your eyes and jot down a few notes about what arose for you.

2) Looking Ahead: Once again, take a comfortable seat with your eyes closed. Envision New Year’s Day 2016 (almost exactly one year from today!). Imagine that everything you wanted to have happen this year, happened. Imagine this as if it is today. What have accomplished? What has been your biggest learning? Your proudest moment? What does it feel like to be you at the end of 2015? What can say about who you have become? Sit for as long as you need to allow this experience to come into full light, connecting to all senses.

Once you are in full clarity with your 2016 self, ask yourself: “Who am I?” Answer yourself with “I am ______________” Trust the first answer that arises.

3) Present Moment Intention: Say your “I am” statement out loud a few times and notice what it feels like in your body. You have now created your intention 2015, from the depths of your own inner wisdom. It may not feel true…yet! That’s ok. Breathe deeply into your intention and imagine it filling up your whole being, as if it is true right now. Use your new mantra to center and ground you as much as you need in the year ahead. With this clarity, the future “you” merges with the present “you” to create your best self for 2015.

Warm wishes to you all for a growth-filled, joyful, loving and healthy 2015!