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REGARDING THIS WEBSITE: No health care service, psychotherapy, or professional counseling of any kind is given via this website. Information on the site should not be used in place of a call, visit or consultation with, or the advice of, a licensed healthcare or mental health professional. Please call or see a licensed healthcare or mental health professional for any healthcare-related questions or advice. I cannot be responsible for any harm caused by your reliance on, or any use made of, information that I provide to you on the site. If you are experiencing an emergency, you should call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

REGARDING EMAIL: You may email me for further information about the services I offer. If you choose to email me please understand that (1) your email communications are not encrypted, (2) I cannot guarantee the security of email transmissions, (3) It is inadvisable to send me sensitive or private information by email, rather I suggest that you call me, (4) no evaluation or treatment is or will be offered by internet communication, (5) I cannot assure you whether or when I will respond to email communications, and (6) if I do respond, there may be a delay, so do not use email for any urgent matters.