Are you Awake? Wake up…

how to change your life when you feel stuckDo you find yourself feeling stuck, moving through your life on autopilot, trapped inside your own head, not present, and feeling lackluster? It happens.

Maybe it’s time to wake up. 

Last week, I got caught in the rain, rushing from store to store trying to furnish my brand new office. It was torrentially raining. This is not my favorite weather, unless I’m curled up at home, under a heated blanket, drinking hot chocolate and binge watching a good show. Since I almost never have time to do this luxurious act of rain-avoidant self-care, this is more of a fantasy for me than a ritual.

I splashed through the puddles and zigzagged the people (most were huddled under overhangs and in small doorways avoiding the downpour), lugging heavy bags with random things I didn’t realize I needed until I got into my office on Saturday. Well, maybe I didn’t “need” the green ceramic bird, but he’s really cute. Anyway, back to the storm – I was reminded yet again that life is so full with highs and lows, but mostly it’s filled with all the stuff in between – those times when things are just going along.

We go along, la-dee-dah, until we get hit by an unexpected storm, or an email with bad news, or an injury that we didn’t expect, or a letter that shifts our lives dramatically, or we get an actual late night wake-up phone call.

Then we come back to what matters most and the discount on an accent pillow, the perfect art piece for above the couch, or the annoyance of having wet sneakers stop mattering. In fact, it’s the disorder and unimportant randomness of life that keeps us awake.

We crave consistency and constancy, but we often move through our lives fast asleep when everything is exactly as we expect it to be. 

It’s the random rainstorm, a surprise ache in your body, a temperate day in the dead of winter, or a beautiful simple moment in the midst of pain that wakes you up and brings you into the present moment.

But, you have the power to create presence without waiting for a storm.

Remember, the more you experience your life with all parts of yourself — mind, body, heart and spirit — the richer your life is. 


This is your call to action. Try something new this week. Shake things up!

Choose something that makes you MindBodyWiser. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take a new route to work (even if it’s longer!)
  • Cook something you’ve never eaten before and eat every bite mindfully
  • Handwrite a letter to someone to thank them for something and mail it to them (no email allowed!)
  • Choose something on your bucket list and really do it this time
  • Go to a kids playground and swing, climb the monkey bars, make something in the sandbox, play hopscotch, go on the see-saw — have fun!
  • Try a new group physical activity (Zumba, yoga, Pilates, water aerobics, or anything that your local gym offers)
  • Sit quietly with your eyes closed and feel your breath move through you as you allow yourself to feel whatever you feel without changing it
  • Dress up and take yourself out solo to a new restaurant (leave your technology at home)
  • Try something creative like drawing, doodling or even sculpting something with play-doe
  • If you’re a night person, go to bed early and wake up early, using that extra time in the morning to take a walk and appreciate morning light. If you’re a morning person, stay up extra late one night and use that time to take a candlelight bath

Or, come up with your own ideas to create a life of newness, awakeness, aliveness and ultimately how to feel free in life.

The only rule: Don’t Hesitate! Life is NOW!

I’d love to hear what you choose…!


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