Are you living a “Good Life”?

how to live your best lifeHow do you define living a good life?

Are you living it?

If not, what steps are you taking to create it?

What does it feel like to think about these questions?

It’s not uncommon to hear people say “I want a good life” but not really know what that actually means…and it’s so unique for everyone. My good life definitely won’t look or feel identical to yours.

It’s important to know what you want and what you need to cultivate inside yourself to design it. We all want a “good life”…but what does that really mean to YOU? Take a moment to write down 2-3 sentences to define what living a “good life” is for you. You may find it surprisingly challenging, but do it anyway! The only way to create what you want it is to know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like in your own vision and your own body.

Check out this great video from Jonathan Fields’ brainchild, the Good Life Project (, where he asks 29 successful entrepreneurs this same question…

After watching this video, do you need to change or add on to your definition? It’s ok, go for it! It’s not cheating to get inspiration from others. When you are done writing it, read it out loud. Make sure it’s just what you want in every way. Notice what it feels like to declare your good life.

Consider doing something creative with this definition, like framing it or drawing something that represents the “good life” or making a collage. Whatever you decide to create, it’s important to notice the feelings and sensations in your body as you go through the creative process. If you notice tension, “yeah buts”, negative self talk, downplaying your real desires, fear, or other blocks…acknowledge each one…pay close attention. These are the areas that may hold you back in taking steps to fully step into your “good life”.

Every dream starts with a clear direction.

You are already setting the wheels in motion, by defining, creating and embodying your “good life” creation. Set out your definition and your creative project somewhere you can see it every day. The process has begun.

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My wish for all of you…
START CREATING your “Good Life”…
Life is NOW.