7 Must-Do’s Before 2017

I need to create healthy habitsSet yourself up with a strong foundation for year-end by using this list to get you going: 7 Must-Do’s Before 2017.

It’s almost here. The beginning of a new year is almost upon us.

How can you use this end-of-year time to light a little fire under you so you can eek out a few more healthy, helpful, mindful experiences before you head into the new year? Here’s how…

Don’t forget to make it fun!

  1. Create a new healthy habit – It’s been shown that forming new habits are formed and maintained by breaking the habit down into it’s smallest, most manageable “byte.” Then, don’t hesitate. Begin immediately. Consider things like: daily meditation – start with 1 minute a day for 21 days; drink more water – start with setting the goal of a 2 more glasses per day than you currently drink, then up the ante after 21 days; exercise – start with 10 minutes per day, then up it to more after 21 days.
  2. Do a big act of kindness – “To touch someone with kindness is to change someone forever.” – Unknown  Consider how you can share your time, your heart or your money with someone (or a group) in need. We all need each other. Giving feels great, has great health benefits and by giving to others you get to feel great too. P.S. if you donate money now, you make it in time to declare it for your 2016 taxes!
  3. Use up your Health Savings Account (HSA)– If you’re American and you have flex spending, it’s a “use or lose it” arrangement. You only have a few weeks left before you lose it. Here are some great ways to use up that money in healthy, unique ways.
  4. Declutter & Donate – Take just an hour and go through your closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you aren’t going to wear it. Put together a bag of old clothes and donate them to Goodwill or any other organization that accepts used goods. You get the tax benefit for 2016 and…your trash is another’s person’s treasure.
  5. Connect with a friend – if it’s been a while since you’ve seen someone you care about, don’t wait! Make a date in person, via Skype or via phone to catch up and tell them you’re thinking of them.
  6. Plan a vacation or staycation – It’s great to live in the present, but it also helps to get through the winter months and low of the post-holiday hype by having something to look forward to. Plan a vacation for February or March that gives you the me-time you need to recharge.
  7. Reflect and Acknowledge – Take some time to reflect on your year. Write down:
  • successes you’ve had in work and relationships
  • hardships you’ve faced and overcome
  • positive changes you’ve made
  • new things you have learned
  • things you can do differently next year
  • the happiest moments and highlights

Take time to read your lists and experience how they all feel emotionally and physically as you bring them back into your consciousness. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on it all, even the difficult stuff – in fact, especially the difficult stuff!

Make the most of your 2016 while it lasts!


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