5 Simple Ways to Listen to your Heart

Sage words from guest blogger, Courtney Carver of Be More with Less…heart coffee

How to Listen to Your Heart. Your body was designed to connect with your heart. Every day, your heart sends you powerful messages, but unless you have the time and space to pay attention, you might miss them. A busy, stressful life gets in the way of knowing what you really want because you can’t hear your heart anymore. Here are 5 simple ways on how to listen to your heart below:

1. Don’t say yes, when your heart says no.
Your heart knows long before you take time to consider what you’ll say. When you think about saying yes when your heart says no, if you are paying attention, you can feel it in your body. You might clench your teeth, squeeze your hands, or feel stress where there should only be light. Perhaps you’ve ignored those outside signs of inside struggle, but they are there for you. Keep calm and listen to your heart.

2. Create space.
If your surroundings are cluttered and hectic, consider a clean sweep. Declutter and get rid of the things that steal your attention. Create a calm, open space that encourages a heart connection.

3. Make time.
Schedule white space on your calendar. Block off time that is just for you, instead of over-committing.

4. Put your hand on your heart.
Create a daily heart listening ritual. Hear with your heart. Start by sitting quietly for a few minutes with your hands on your heart, and your eyes closed. Listen. You may not hear anything at first, but if you keep showing up your heart will reveal answers you’ve been waiting for. Keep a journal nearby so you can write down your heart’s words.

5. Find your way back to love.
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Author Elaine St. James said, “One of the reasons we keep our lives so complicated is so we won’t have to listen to our inner voice telling us what we need to do to make our lives work better.” If your life is complicated, make time to intentionally uncomplicate it.

Once you begin to intentionally listen to your heart, you’ll trust yourself to know what’s best for your body, and your life.