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Are you getting your clients unstuck?  Are they not progressing as fast as you would hope they would?

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Imagine being able to help even your most stuck clients have a breakthrough?  I want to tell you why you shouldn’t give up on any of your clients. Even the ones that seem perpetually stuck…

You know the clients who spend years in therapy, but don’t seem to reap results, don’t change much or grow as you’d anticipated at the start of their treatment? You sit down with them week after week trying everything to move them from stuck and tired to hopeful and joyful. But nothing you do, nothing you try is working. You don’t want to feel like you have failed your clients. You don’t want to be another dead end for them. But you’re at a loss as to what to do.

As therapists we have all been there. Don’t worry, I can help.

You know the clients I’m talking about. They come in each week with the same stories, same patterns of behavior, same issues. They want to grow and change and you want to support them with that process…and although some of these clients seem satisfied and look forward to coming back each week, you might be saying to yourself, “Am I really helping you? Are we getting anywhere?”

You want to support them with moving through their challenges, creating new and healthy patterns and easing their suffering. You see so much potential in their ability to grow, but treatment (and their lives) seem to be mostly stagnant. You, as their therapist, are caught in their difficult spiral of self-destructive behavior or general stuckness with your clients.

This is not your fault (and we all know it’s not their fault either!)! It also doesn’t mean you’re a bad therapist, nor does it mean you’re doing something wrong (even if that’s how it feels sometimes). Treatment that lacks progress is just an indicator that maybe the client needs an additional access point, outside of talking, to ignite and awaken them.

The good news is: You’ve now found it…

MindBodyWise™ therapy helps to dislodge the stuckness that originates in your clients’ bodies,
so that they can open up and connect with your treatment in ways they couldn’t before.

MindBodyWise™ therapy is an adjunctive treatment to psychotherapy that helps people unlock and access the deeper issues (emotions, memories, thoughts) that get stuck in the tissues. Using the integration of gentle movement, body-awareness tools and verbal processing, clients develop a new relationship with their bodies that allows them to be more present to their underlying challenges and subconscious patterns.

Just to be clear, the MindBodyWise™ approach doesn’t take the place of your work with your clients. Instead it enhances it. After working with me, your clients have a more tangible ability to put words to the issues their bodies have been holding. And as these issues emerge, they need your support – to work through the new awareness that arises.

MindBodyWise™ makes the work you do with your clients
richer, deeper and more effective.

My philosophy is all about collaborating with you and your clients so that you feel supported and they get the most consistent, accessible, effectual and supportive treatment they can get, so they can heal faster.

Your client might be a good fit for MindBodyWise™ therapy if they:

-often get stuck in their story and circumstances
-intellectualize their feelings
-have a history of complex trauma or PTSD
-have difficulty with affect regulation
-struggle with body image issues or an eating disorder
-suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or depression/dysthymia
-struggle with self-acceptance, self-compassion or self-criticism
-disconnect from their bodies or disregard that they have a body

If you think you may have a client who could benefit from getting unstuck via the MindBodyWise™ approach, let’s connect. If you aren’t sure if your client is a good fit for an embodied approach, I’d be happy to consult with you to see if this would be a good fit for them.

I’ve witnessed profound change with clients through the integrated approach of MindBodyWise™ therapy in conjunction with talk therapy. You will too.

Let’s connect!

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I look forward to partnering with you and your clients to foster meaningful change.

MindBodyWise Therapy for Clients

P.S.  If you’re curious and you’d like to try out a session yourself, it would be my pleasure to offer you an initial session at a reduced rate. Simply email me or set up a consultation using the button above and we can get you scheduled.