The Gratitude Cure (no prescription necessary)

The Gratitude Cure feels great and has been scientifically proven to change lives.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude requires no medication and it’s been scientifically proven that:

1.  Grateful people sleep better.
2.  Grateful people experience more joy.
3.  Grateful people are mentally and physically healthier.
4.  Grateful people have higher self-esteem.
5.  Grateful people are more resilient (they bounce back faster) in challenging life circumstances.

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to start practicing gratitude.

Here are five 1-minute ways to embody gratitude whole-heartedly. If you do any of these for 21-days straight, you should start to see the benefits listed above!

  1. Gratitude Journal: Set a timer for 60-seconds and grab your journal. Notice how you feel. Then start the timer. Write down things for which you are grateful…as many as you can. When the minute is up, take stock in how you feel.
  2. Thankfulness Tree: Gather some branches and put them in a vase. Use different colored construction paper cut out leave shapes. Each day take one leaf and write down 5 specific things for which you are thankful. Tape your leaf to a branch. Over time, watch your tree grow gorgeous leaves of gratitude was nurtured by your appreciation and thanks.
  3. Appreciation Partner: We’ve all heard of having an accountability partner, but what about an “Appreciation Partner”? Find someone that is as committed to enjoying the benefits of gratitude as you are. Set a time every day where you either text, email, post or call each other and name 5 things for which you are each grateful. This kind of sharing doubles the fun and listening to someone else’s gratitude can exponentially enhance your own feel-good feelings.  
  4. Send it Out: Write a short letter to someone for whom you are grateful. Let it be brief and specific about what you appreciate in them. Your thanks will go a long way, for both of you!
  5. Silent Thanks: Set a time for 1 minute or opt for 2 if you’d like. Close your eyes and bring a hand to your heart. Silently, take stock of your life and bring to your consciousness things for which you are grateful. For each one, take a deep breath into your heart space and let it fill up with the sensation that each gratitude brings to your body.

Not sure what you’re grateful for? Not to worry…I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a general list of things to get your gratitude muscles flexing. By the way, the more specific your gratitude is, the better the effects are on your health. So, use this list to initiate the process, but drill down within each topic to enhance the benefits.

your Body
your Health
All of your Emotions (yay! you’re human!)
New things you’ve Learned
Safety & Security
New ideas
Material things
your Country
your Home
Beauty in the world
Pain (it means you are alive)
your Thoughts
your Senses
the Mysteries of being alive
Inspiring Leaders/mentors/gurus
Air Conditioning/Heat
Kind strangers
Challenging things (without these, you wouldn’t be who you are)

Practicing gratitude is a pain-free, joyful tool to enhance your over all health, refocus your perspective and offer you a more fulfilling life.

I am forever grateful to all of you courageous souls, who dare to live bigger, more beautiful lives. You inspire me. 


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