Setting a Resolution that Lasts…

free your body and mind It’s your life. Choose your path and fully embody your whole self. It is with this intention that a beautiful journey will unfold within and before you.

Make 2016 YOUR Year ~

Free Your Body, Free Your Mind

Every new year, you make resolutions that don’t stick. Maybe you sign up for denial-driven programs that promise big results, but don’t deliver. Each time you think, “this time will be different.” It never is. Then you blame yourself for failing…yet again.

But, the thing is…it’s not your fault!

It’s just that old patterns get stuck in every nook and cranny, every muscle and joint, every physiological system. Getting unstuck and making change, then, is never just about making a new commitment in your head or denying yourself the things that make you, you.

You can’t talk or think yourself out of your long-lived patterns, you’ve got to “move” through them. Until you take an approach that incorporates your body, nearly every other attempt to get unstuck, to grow, to succeed with be severely limited at best and be a complete and utter failure at worst (and, sadly, most often).

The good news is: you can clean the slate. You can start fresh…

Imagine feeling lit up by your life — your relationships, your work.
Imagine trusting yourself fully. Your whole self.
Imagine knowing what you want and how to get it. Envision having the courage and clarity to step into your life from a place of truth and authentic action.

It is then…and only then…that being stuck becomes a thing of the past.

6 weeks.
Embodied movement.
Authentic action.
Deep transformation.

Finally, a new year’s resolution that actually lasts!

Move into a new and empowered you.

In this workshop series, you will:
-Experience embodied movement through 6 life themes
-Access and learn to understand your body’s wisdom
-Embrace your body as a critical ally for personal change Have an opportunity for reflection and dialogue
-Set goals that institute long-term and profound change in your everyday life