Inspiration & Empathy ~ A Human Experience

Have you noticed that stories of triumph often support you in feeling most alive, inspire you to overcome your own challenges and sometimes even bring you to tears? Me too!

Did you know there’s a neuroscience and mind-body supported reason why these beautiful, life-affirming stories move us so deeply?

overcome your challenges

I might be a bit of a neuroscience geek, but this is some pretty interesting stuff. Before you jump into watching two of my favorite inspirational short videos (and trust me, they’re good ones – get ready!)…you might be interested in learning about this really cool mind-body based connection. If not, skip past the next paragraph, grab your tissues, and enjoy the inspiration!

Empathy & the Mind-Body Connection: Thanks to an accidental finding involving monkeys, it was discovered that our mirror neurons are activated as a biological empathic response to witnessing others having certain types of experiences. Mirror neurons are what incite pain when you see someone get hurt; they are also are responsible for inciting joy (and a may even be responsible for the physiological response of goose bumps) when you see someone overcome challenging circumstances. Mirror neurons are what connect us to each others’ very human, emotional experiences. This awesome white board video on the recent discovery of mirror neurons.

Following are 2 of my favorite inspirational stories. Notice what happens both in your mind and body as you enjoy these stories of triumph and thank your mirror neurons for giving you the beautiful human experience of being able to feel so deeply!

A father’s love and devotion for his son defies all obstacles in this amazing against all odds story.

Told he would never walk again, this veteran doesn’t give up. His story found here.

Now, you get to go out and be your own story of triumph and inspiration!

Maybe you’ll even decide to share your story with the world, as a gift to others, so that we can have that beautiful, connected human experience of empathy and inspiration.

We are all in this together!