Don’t miss it…!

don't miss out on life
“It’s a one-shot deal…”

How many times have you heard this and it’s rarely (if ever) true…?  
This time it IS true!  

Recently I have been exposed to several untimely deaths, others who are struggling to stay alive and others who have recently been diagnosed with life-altering diseases. Although we all know that death is part of life, it’s often hard to accept on many levels. Our minds don’t get it. Our hearts break. Our bodies ache with grief.And so, I am again reminded that life really is a one-shot deal.My reminder is one I’ve decided to share with you.

DON’T MISS IT! It’s your ONE life!

Your life is happening NOW. It’s moving fast.
There’s no moment exactly like this one…or this one…or this one.

Don’t wait to fully live the one life, this gift of humanness…this adventure…that you’ve been given.

Don’t wait to pursue your passions.

Don’t wait to ask for what you need.

Don’t wait to create.

Don’t wait to give love (don’t wait to receive it either!).

Don’t miss what could be the one and only chance you have to go after your dreams.

Your life is happening NOW.

Don’t wait.

Don’t miss it….or it might just pass you by…

The time is now. 

Consider making this one commitment to yourself NOW: 
Place one hand on your heart and say to yourself ~
“From this day forward, I will radically step into my life fully and completely. I will do whatever it takes to live authentically, love fully, and risk failing even when it’s difficult or scary. I will live each day, as much as I can, as if I were dying tomorrow. And when I don’t, I will be compassionate with myself and I will start over again.”

And if you choose not to make the commitment, notice what stopped you? What holds you back? How will you feel in 5, 10 and 15 years if you don’t go for it?

This is your chance to make it count…start NOW.

What’s one small (or big) step you can take in the next 24 hours that will honor your heart, acknowledge your dreams and ignite your vitality most deeply?