Coming from Love

listening to your heartWhat’s your Heart Saying?

If we approached all of life and every human interaction from a place of love, what would life be like?

If we all lived from the voices of our hearts, what would our world be like?

What might be different? Who might we be?

We are often so go-go-go that we forget to listen to the messages of our body, or more specifically the language of our hearts. This is not to say that our minds don’t give us valuable guidance – our minds are also great guides! However, so often, our poor hearts get shafted, interrupted, and neglected like being the youngest child whose voice is often drowned out by so many other, louder voices. Those louder voices aren’t always the wisest, but their volume is often what wins the most attention.

When making life decisions, both big and small, do you consult with your heart?

Can you distinguish the voice of your heart from the voice of your mind?

The next time you are making a decision, can you allow both your heart and your mind to be partners in the process? Maybe you even invite them to have a “conversation.” This may be difficult, especially for those of us who tend toward being more analytical. However, our wisest guides are often right there in the center of our chests. That muscle that keeps us alive and breathing has a lot of power. See what it’s like to let your heart have a voice.

Stop and listen now. What’s it saying?

This Valentine’s Day, consider connecting to the radiance, the vibrancy and the voice of your own heart…