6 Seconds to Stress Relief…really!

6 seconds to stress relief. Did you know that hugs are a natural stress reliever? how to reduce stress

How cool is that?!

Hugging for only 6 seconds releases dopamine — the feel-good hormone — in both the hugger and the “huggie” (is that even a word?).

A few more words about hugs and your health…

  • Hugs reduce cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Babies who get lots of hugs, grow up to become less stressed adults
  • Hugs lower blood pressure in adults
  • Hugs raise heart beats per minute, leading to a healthier heart
  • It feels really good!

P.S. Try hugging people on the right side (not the traditional side for Americans), instead of the left.  Why? It brings you and your “huggie” heart-to-heart. After all, isn’t leading with your heart and leaning into love what makes life so beautiful?

Keep on loving big and sharing it with those around you.

Sending you all many heart-to-heart, full-body, 6-second hugs…